Priorities: 18 April 2012

At the meeting on 18th April 2012, the following three priorities were agreed:

  • Youth Anti Social Behaviour (ASB). The offenders are known, and an approach previously used with great success on the Packington Estate will be deployed. Parents of suspected offenders will be engaged in solving the problem. A variety of sanctions are available in the case of non-cooperation.
  • Robbery/snatch. As a Canonbury priority, other officers can be drafted into the ward as needed. Known hot-spots for snatches will be patrolled more intensively. The poster about awareness of snatch crime will be distributed on New River Green.
  • Youth Engagement. This fits with efforts to combat robbery/snatch and Anti Social Behaviour. Close collaboration with the Rosebowl to continue, especially concerning boxing training. Soccer and rugby sessions at Rosemary Gardens continue to be well attended.