Priorities: 03 March 2010

At its meeting of 3 March 2010 the Panel set the following as the top three priorities for the Canonbury SNT:

  • Youth engagement. This is a long-term priority for the Safer Neighbourhoods Team in Canonbury. The Panel believes that a constructive relationship between the Police and local youths is crucial for combating both a) youth anti-social behaviour and crime, and b) crime targeting young people. The Safer Neighbourhoods Team has set up both football programs (through the Kickz initiative) and boxing programs for young people in Canonbury.
  • Burglary
  • Anti-social behaviour on the New River Green.

A former priority, that of anti-social behaviour by youths in Nightingale Road, is still being monitored to ensure that the problem does not return.
A former priority, that of under-age drinking, is still being monitored. Note that all pubs and shops selling alcohol in Canonbury have signed up to the Challenge 21 scheme. Youths who appear to be under 21 are asked to show ID (to prove that they are over 18) when attempting to buy alcohol.